“Listening to Jazz Now” – a jazz poem

Poetry and jazz are two of my favorite jazz poems. I stumbled on this one, not looking for anything in particular, but curious what jazz in poem form would look like. This one made my heart smile.

“Listening to Jazz Now” by Jimmy Santiago Baca


Listening to jazz now, I’m happy
sun shining outside like it was my lifetime achievement award.
I’m happy,
with my friend and her dog up in Durango, her emailing
me this morning
no coon hound ailing yowls
vibrant I love yous.
I’m happy,
my smile a big Monarch butterfly
after having juiced up some carrots, garlic, seaweed,
I stroll the riverbank, lazy as a deep cello
in a basement bar– 

smoke, cagney’d out patrons
caramel and chocolate women in black
shoulder strap satin dresses,
and red high heels. 

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